Terms and Conditions

Please note: TipiRent prides itself on its professionalism. All Tipis are fire treated, come with a fire blanket, fire retardent coir matting, the company has a health and safety policy, a comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out and the company has full public liability insurance up to 5 million.The vast majority of our sales come from word of mouth and our excellent reputation. Therefore, TipiRent are exceptionally fair and accept that accidents and/or mud and stains can happen and have happened in the past.

The terms and conditions are your agreement with TipiRent. Upon confirmation of your booking you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of hire.

The ‘hirer’ is the person, firm, company hiring equipment from TipiRent.

Equipment is defined as the tipi and furnishings including but not limited to: Tipi outer cover, tipi liner, tipi door, rope, pegs, poles, groundsheet, coir matting, rugs, firebowl/chimenea, lantern.

TipiRent Undertakes:

To provide the hirer with a confirmation of booking within five working days of the receipt of the clients deposit.

To deliver and erect the agreed equipment, to the agreed address on the agreed delivery date and time as stated in  the confirmation of booking.

To dismantle and remove the equipment from site on the agreed dismantle date and time as stated in the confirmation of booking.

To provide equipment that is in good working order and the equipment specified in the confirmation of booking.

Conditions of hire

The hirer accepts full responsibility for the safety of the tipi equipment and the safety of any person who makes use of the tipi for the duration of the hire period.

The tipis are provided either with a firebowl or chimenea. The firebowl/chimenea is to be used completely at the hirers own risk. Only fires inside the firebowl/chimenea are permitted inside the tipi. The firebowl/chimnea is only to be used with the smokeless chimenea logs supplied or with smokeless charcoal. A maximum of four firelogs are to be used at any given moment. When the firebowl/chimenea is in use the protective mesh screen is to be used throughout the duration. The smoke flaps must be opened if the firebowl/chimenea is in use. The firebowl/chimenea is supplied in the centre of the tipi, firmly attached to a to a patio slab, the firebowl must remain in this location whilst it is lit. Children must be supervised at all times and nobody under the age of 18 is permitted to use the firebowl/chimenea. The firebowl/chimenea gets very hot when in use and can cause serious burns if touched. You must not touch the chimenea/firebowl when in use. The firebowl/chimenea are supplied with metal instruments with wooden handles, these must be used when operating the firebowl/chimenea at all times.

Fires must be extinguished prior to anybody sleeping in the tipi. Bedding must be kept a metre away from the firebowl/chimenea at all times. The lantern must not be hung inside the tipi and must remain on patio slabs in the centre of the tipi, the lantern must be closed whilst it is lit and extinguished prior to anybody sleeping inside the tipi. A fire blanket is supplied inside the tipi, except in emergencies it must not be inferred with. TipiRent accept no responsibility for improper use of the firebowl/chimenea or lantern.

A charge made for significant damage and or loss of the tipi or any tipi furnishings. The charge made will be no more than the cost of replacing the tipi, or the damaged item. Deposits will never be retained without cause or for normal wear and tear to the tipi, minor damage, stains or dirt or minor smoke damage. The hirer is responsible for the safety and security of the tipi from the date of the tipi installation to the tipis removal from the site. The tipi doors have been professionally painted and will be charged at £150 to be replaced.

Cats, dogs or any other animal are not permitted inside the tipi.

The hirer will take all reasonable steps to make sure that the equipment is not at any time altered or interfered with. The hirer will ensure that no ropes, walls, poles, pegs or any other parts of the tipi are removed, modified or altered in any way. The hirer takes full responsibility for any actions by third parties that cause damage to the tipi. The hirer takes full responsibility for the actions of third parties that cause safety or fire risks and the consequences that result from such risks.

The equipment remains the sole property of TipiRent at all times and the hirer is prohibited from hiring, selling or parting possession from the equipment for the duration of the hire period.

The tipis supplied have an opening at the top. This is essential in order to have a fire inside the tipi. Smoke flaps can be adjusted to significantly reduce the amount of rain that enters the tipi and on delivery we will demonstrate this procedure. However, a small amount of rain may still be able to enter ithe tipi at the door area (not in the sleeping/seating area) Whilst TipiRent will always do its best to ensure that you enjoy the use of the tipi the company cannot be held responsible for bad weather or acts of God.

A 50% deposit is required to secure the tipi within two weeks of the order date. The remainder of the charge must be paid on the day the hire period commences. Tipirent reserve the right to retain 50% of the deposit amount if a cancellation is made at any time by the hirer. Additionally, TipiRent also reserve the right to retain 100% of the deposit if a cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the rental start date. TipiRent reserve the right to cancel a booking if severe gales or wind speeds that exceed severe gales are predicted during the booking. Deposits will be returned in full if a cancellation is made by TipiRent

The hirer is responsible for choosing a suitable location for the tipi where the tipi can be legally pitched. A suitable location would be a large enough area to safely pitch the tipi, flat group with no overhead wires or underground wires or pipes.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to insure against, loss, damage of personal possessions or personal injury to themselves or third parties. TipiRent accept no liability for loss or damage to personal possessions or injury or death to themselves or third parties who use the tipis and equipment.

The tipi is not to be used in severe gales or wind speeds that exceed severe gales.


On the grounds of health and safety, the company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to require the evacuation of a tipi(s) and/or the cancellation of an event to be held in the tipi(s) Where this occurs due to health and safety considerations the company accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever (to include any loss occasioned by the hirer being forced to cancel any other contracts, such as catering, DJ’S, florists etc)

On delivery of the tipi you will recieve a safety talk and demonstration. The safety talk and demonstration includes: Opening and closing of the smoke flap poles. Safe use of the tipi, firebowl/chimenea and lantern. The location of the fire blanket and exit. It is the hirers responsibilty to ensure that they are present  during the delivery of the tipi so that they are able to receive the safety talk and demonstration. It is the hirers responsibility to teach anybody using the tipi to do so in a safe manner.


Wooden pegs are used to secure the tipi to the ground and to anchor the smoke flap ropes. Wooden poles are also used to mainating the structure of the tipi and to adjust the smoke flaps.  The wooden pegs and poles are essential components of the tipis. The entrance to the tipi has a strip of canvas at foot level that could potentially be a tripping hazard.  The hirer will be made aware of all the potential tripping hazards and the location of all the wooden pegs on delivery. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure they know the location of the tripping hazards and to take all reasonable steps to avoid these hazards. It is the hirers responsibility to make sure anybody using the tipi is aware of the potential tripping hazards. It is the hirers responsibility to provide adequate lighting outside of the tipi to ensure all tripping hazards are clearly visable. The hirer will need to be present during the delivery of the tipi to ensure they can be made aware of all tripping hazards. TipiRent accept no liability for any injury that may result from tripping over the equipment provided.