Tipis for Sale

If you are looking to buy a traditional tipi tent, when we ran our hire business we bought all our tipis we hired out from mytipi.co.uk. The tipis they sell are of an excellent quality and they are a really knowledgeble friendly company to deal with. The canvas is 12/15 oz and they can also offer different coloured fabric to make your tipi unique.

Little details are really well thought out such as extra reinforcement of the lacing holes and at the crown of the tipi (the area where you tie the tipi to the lifting pole which is under the most stress) A great traditional tipi company.


Whilst traditional tipis look wonderful and create a beautiful living space, with 7 metre poles that require a van / trailer to transport they are not the most practical of camping tents.

For a modern version of a tipi tent that is quick to assemble / easy to transport but can still accomodate a woodburner we would reccommend the robens tipi tent.

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With a diameter of 4.5 metres it can accomodate up to 10 people, it also has ample head height at 1.8 metres and a porch area which is great for storing muddy boots and backpacks.

rather than 14 traditional poles it has just one aluminium pole that is divideded into 3 sections so it is very lightweight but also easy to transport.

The material is a polycotton, 65% cotton 35% poly. Because it has a good canvas mix this means that it is a good insulator so remains warm in the night and cool during hot weather.

When we used this tent we found that the set up time was under 20 minutes which compares very favourably to a modern day tent.

Due to the pyramid design it is also very good in stong winds and has been wind tested to massive 192 kmh!

Other great features of this tent include windows with fly sheet and a mosquito netting door. It also has a groundsheet that can be unzipped which is great for transporting seperately or easy storage.

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