Side Walls

In 2013 we will provide removable side walls. As far as we are aware, we are one if the few companies offering them. Side walls are a great addition to the giant tipi.

Here is why:

Tipis are great for British weather, on a cold blustery day they can be pitched fully down to resemble a traditional Sioux tipi (offering a 10 metre diametre tipi with 78 square metres of floor space).

On a reasonable day a few brims of the tipi can be raised to let a bit of the outside in and to provide some extra space. And, on a barmy hot sunny day they can be pitched with the sides fully raised, offering 123 square metres of floor space.

But, as the weather is so notoriously unpredictable you cannot know what will happen, becuase you have to plan for bad weather, if you hire a single giant tipi you can only plan for the tipi to be pitched fully closed.

Although the weather will hopefully be kind, you cannot plan for example of have two rims of the tipi raised as an area for the band, or indeed to have all of the sides fully raised and invite 102 guests, just in case the weather does not allow for this.


giant tipi floor plan 66

Sides raised = Favourable weather/summer
Sides lowered = Less favourable weather/winter


Side walls however do offer this flexibilty. The tipi comes with 3 side walls at no extra charge. So, if you wanted to have 3 brims of the tipi raised as an area for the band you can plan this. In beautiful weather the side walls are not installed, in less favourable conditions they are!

Pitched fully raised, the giant tipi will accommodate 102 guests.

tipi 1082

10 side walls

* A massive advantage of a tipi with 10 side walls is that it offers a fully enclosed, open plan, sociable circular space in which everybody can view the fire.

sides down 66. If you want to plan for 102 guests we can provide 10 side walls so you can plan for this. Beautiful weather, side walls are not installed or removed, not so favourable- they are installed.

Side walls offer a lot more space and a lot more flexibilty and for our 2013 bookings have  proved to be very popular.