Hire tipi on Shell Island

Shell island has proved to be a very popular desitination with people who hire tipis from us due to its excellent location and size.

Shell island is based in North Wales and is one of Europe’s largest campsites. It is a tidal island so arriving or leaving at high tide could prove very interesting. The entrance to the site looks the same as all the larger ‘haven’style campsites and technically there is a small arcade and bar with bingo at the entrance. However, the site boasts 450 acres (many of which are sand dunes) so if you are looking for a quiet spot to pitch your tent (or your hired tipi) all to yourself and get back to nature, walk as far as you can from the entrance and you will easily find a spot.

Once away from the main entrance the site is beautiful, there are views of Cardigan bay and the Snowdonia national park. Wild birds are common place and in the winter ducks, geese, grebes, cormorants and a whole host of wild fowl descend on the island.

For a weekend of fishing, bass, plaice and flounder can be caught at the estuary on the north point of the island. Mussels, cockles and many of the other bivalves that are regularly wheeled around Dublin can also be found on the rocks (in season September – April) and are perfect eaten just chucked into the embers of an open fire (allowed on the beach as long as they are raised by stones – this will increase air flow so is a good idea anyway)

March – June

Adult £6 £35 weekly
Child £2.50 £15 weekly

July – August

Adult £7 £40
Child £3 £18

If you would like to hire a tepee for a holiday at shell island, please contact us.