Giant yurt hire Devon, Dorset and Cornwall

Please note:

We are no longer offering the giant tipi for hire.



Our giant tipi with the 10 side walls installed as a unique hybrid between a traditional yurt and a traditional tipi.

There are however many benefits to this tent over a traditional event yurt.

The first is that the side walls can be removed, this means that you can have an open canopy in beautiful weather during the day and a fully tent at night.

You can have an open fire in the centre of our tipi, perfect for creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

At 6.5  metres our tipi provide far greater head room than a yurt.

It offers a diametre of 12.3 metres (40 feet) so it is larger than many of the yurts currently hired out.

At £1393 it is very competatively priced for a yurt of the same or similar dimensions.

From native american rugs, pine tables to our utterly stunning lovers tipi we can supply everything you need for your event. Please send us an email and we will provide you with a quote.