Giant Event tipis

We considered launching the great lodge however we decided instead to expand our range of tipis and bell tents. We will not be providing giant tipis at any time in the future.


Please note the great lodge is a custom made tipi, made for TipiRent by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers with over 100 years in the business.

Therefore, It is different from the other giant tipis on the market.

Pitched with the sides down, the great lodge resembles one of our traditional tipis and offers ten metres diameter (78 square metres ) of floor space accommodating anything from up to 66 seated guests with dance floor.

All ten sides of the tent can be raised or lowered according to the conditions and requirements of the day.

(We provide side walls to offer more space and flexibility. Click here for more information)

Sides raised, the tipi offers a 12.5 metre (40 ft) diameter offering a great deal more floor space (123 sq metres) accommodating up to 102 guests.


tipi 1082

Winter event but still want a larger area with the sides raised?

With the tipi sides raised we can offer side walls to completely enclose the tipi. Using this method you will get almost the same floor space as two linked giant tipis at a very competitive rate.

You also benefit from one, very large, open plan space whithin which everybody can view the fire.We feel a large circular space is very sociable, so this is why we offer it.

Flexible to suit you, tables, flooring, lighting and our wooden fireplace can all be provided.