Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the Giant tipis and how many people can they seat?

Our giant event tipi is 10metres in diameter. Sides down they can seat up to 64 people with space for a band. Sides raised they can seat up to 102.

How big are the accomodation tipis, how many people can they sleep?

Our largest, most popular accommodation tipis we hire out are 5.5 metres in diameter. They can seat up to 18 people sat around the wood burner and can sleep any where between 6-8 people or up to 10 people very cosily.

Are they warm?

The fire inside the Giant tipi can provide warmth but we also can provide space heaters for your event. In our accommodation tipis only a fire is required for heating. With the fire in the centre of the tipi and with the warm insulated inner liner the tipis can become very cosy.

What is included with the Event tipis?

We can supply, flooring, fireplace, dance floor, lighting staging… We supply our own furnishings but if you would like something different we will arrange it with one of our trusted suppliers.

What is included with the accommodation tipis?

The Standard furnished tipis come with:

  • An inner liner – This is essential as it prevents drafts and aids the draw of the fire
  • A ground sheet which is then fully covered by coir matting so you are completely enclosed
  • Colourful Native American wool rugs
  • A chimenea
  • Smokeless, eco logs
  • A slate hearth (for safety and as a convenient place to put your drinks!)
  • A lantern

we also hire out luxury furnished tipis with cushions, throws and sheepskins and even tipis with steel framed beds and memory foam mattresses complete with flowers.

With the fires on in the event and traditional tipis are the tipis smoky?

No, we provide smokeless wood which burners exactly the same as standard logs (with a lively flame) but it has the advantage of not spitting and burning much cleaner than standard logs. The wood we use is a compressed hard wood.

On arrival we will also show you how to open the cowl for the giant tipis and for the accommodation tipis how to open the smoke flaps fully to prevent smoke and also how to keep a fast hot burning fire so that the smoke rises quickly an efficiently out the top of the tipi.

Can you have a fire in the rain and are the tipis water proof?

Yes, even in pouring rain you can use the fire. This is the beauty of the tipi. Whilst everybody else is stuck inside their pvc marquee or camping tent you are in your tipi warm and dry sat around a crackling log fire. The tipi is always a wonderful place to spend time in and this is never more so than when it is raining.

For accommodation tipis what do we need to have with us?

Sleeping bags and Thermarests and cooking equipment if you are away from home and camping for a long period. Alternatively we can provide you with a memory foam futon with duck down duvets or if you are hiring the lovers teepee with every thing you could possibly want including a kettle with real coffee.

Are the tipis safe?

Our giant event tipis pass UK and European wind loading standards and our canvas is fire, water and rot resistant exceeding UK and EC standards. We provide fire extinguishers and will brief you on location of fire exits. We carry out comprehensive risk assessments, have public liability up to 5 million and sign of each off our Giant event tipis with the MUTA guidance checklist.

Our accommodation tipis are over engineered for safety. The tipis are fire retardant, the chimeneas have a mesh screen and the the slate earth prevent logs from rolling out. We provide a fire bucket and fire blanket. We also provide you with a safety talk and demonstration on arrival. We also have full public liability insurance which covers the use of fires inside the tipi.

How long can we hire a tipi for?

Our standard hire period for our giant tipis is from Thursday – Monday. This is typical for a weekend event as it provides ample time for the giant hats to be ‘dressed’ (flowers, table decorations etc) and for the caterers, band, DJ etc to arrive and set up well in advance.

For our traditional tipis you can hire them from anything from one day – two weeks. If however you are booking the traditional tipis in conjunction with the giant tipis they will be set up and taken down on the same days.

Are the tipis easy to use?

We will set the giant tipis according to the weather so you will not need to adjust them. For the accommodation tipis we will provide you with a short demonstration of how to open and close the smoke flap poles after set up.

Where can we hire a tipi?

We hire out tipis throughout the UK. We have even hired out some on a island in the middle of the Thames before accessed only by ferry so your location will not be a problem. We charge mileage, however we can often combine set ups to make milage cheaper or alternatively we have a great list of local sites that we regulary work with.

What is the difference between a teepee, a tipi and a wigwam?

Teepee is just an alternative spelling for a tipi. Wigwams, although also used by the Native Americans are not the same as tipis as wigwams are immobile huts with an arched roof. Wigwams tend to be made from either mud, reeds, hides or rushes.